M27 (Dumbbell Nebula) Object M 27 Date June, 23rd 2012 Telescope TS ONTC 12″ f/5.3

IC 5070 HaRGB

Now some R/G/B subs have been collected (35 min each). Color correction was done with the excellent eXcalibrator tool. The Ha channel is blended into the individual RGB channels with 100/10/20 %  

IC 5070

  Summer solstice is only a few days ahead, but last night I could get some nice frames from IC 5070 (Pelican nebula) during the short dark period   Object IC 5070 RA 20 51 13.4 DE +44 22 42 Date June, 17th 2012

XML De-Regionalizer

Using both CCD Navigator and CCD Autopilot, I faced a small problem. Due to the fact that the computers where I create the session plans and where this plan is finally executed are using different regional settings, there is an issue when importing the XML session plan. To solve this, I wrote a small program…

Filter confusion

After doing some maintenance in my backyard observatory (collimation etc.) I noticed a confusion… my Ha filter was not in the filter wheel, but in it’s case 😉 Now it’s corrected. Here is a short comparison between IDAS V4 (confused with Ha) and the „real“ H-Alpha 13nm. Same exposure duration and background  adjusted to same…