XML De-Regionalizer

Using both CCD Navigator and CCD Autopilot, I faced a small problem. Due to the fact that the computers where I create the session plans and where this plan is finally executed are using different regional settings, there is an issue when importing the XML session plan.

To solve this, I wrote a small program which converts the CCDNavigator XML file between regional settings.

Download XMLDeregionalizer (Windows binary)

Download XMLDeregionalizer (Visual Studio 2010 Source Code)


Filter confusion

After doing some maintenance in my backyard observatory (collimation etc.) I noticed a confusion… my Ha filter was not in the filter wheel, but in it’s case 😉

Now it’s corrected. Here is a short comparison between IDAS V4 (confused with Ha) and the „real“ H-Alpha 13nm. Same exposure duration and background  adjusted to same level.


Astronomik Ha 13nm / 450 seconds
IDAS LPS V4 / 450 seconds