Software development


ASCOM driver for Littlefoot Elegance Photo (LFEP) mount controller.

Virtual handbox of the LFEP ASCOM driver
Virtual handbox of the LFEP ASCOM driver

I started the development in 2009 and maintained it until end of 2012. It includes additional functionality for the LFEP, only available through the ASCOM driver, like:

  • Automatic and manual meridian flip support
  • Controller independet parking position; automatic re-alignment after power loss
  • ASCOM pulseguide support
  • ASCOM focuser driver
  • ASCOM camera driver for DSLR shutter
  • ASCOM filter wheel driver
  • ASCOM compatible roll-off roof motor driver (additional hardware needed)
  • Driver for optional dew heater controller
  • Encoder support with automatic synchronization
  • Safety options: Horizon limit, max. slew distance
  • Auto stop tracking after passing merdian (in tracking direction)
  • Option to track beyond the meridan (independed from flip delay)
  • Remote mode for reduced traffic
  • Directly connects to LAN interface without additional programs

Lunatico Firefly ASCOM scripts

ASCOM compliant scripts to control a roll-of roof motor. Now included in the example folder of the Seletek/Firefly software.

TL Dimmer v2 control program

Windows command line utility to manage a „TL-Dimmer V2“ flatfield panel controller by

Command line arguments are compatible to FlipFlat/Flatman’s aacmd.exe control program, so this tool can be used in automation tools like CCDAutoPilot and ACP 7

XML Converter for CCD Navigator / CCD Autopilot